At times, businesses and corporations face organizational challenges impacting leadership, culture, and employee relations.

These challenges often involve:

• Differences in executive leadership styles that impact the organization.

• Founder(s)’ growth and succession.

• Competing viewpoints regarding leadership direction(s) or the ways in which decisions are made.

• A desire to achieve clear communication throughout leadership.

• Communicating decisions made by executive leadership to the whole organization.

• Clarification or redefinition of organizational culture (e.g., cultures that in practice do not yet reflect
the desired values of founders and executive leadership).

Using evidence-based psychological tools, Dr. Schwab helps provide strategic solutions to businesses and executive leadership teams for overcoming these and other organizational challenges.

Addressing these challenges often involves:

• Using clinical and therapeutic-derived tools to develop strong relationships between executive leadership.

• Teaching conflict resolution and evidence-based communication tools to manage miscommunication or challenging interactions between leaders.

• Collaborating with leadership to develop qualitative cultural assessments for helping the organization redefine culture through employee feedback and direct participation.

• Working with executive leadership to develop processes and implementation strategies to achieve changes desired in working relationships or at the cultural level of the organization.