Seattle life is hectic, and at times hellish these days. We balance work, friends, hobbies, family, children, our intimate relationship(s) and our sexualities. We expect a lot from ourselves, and in turn (often) expect a lot from others. Often, by the end of each day though, we’re physically and emotionally exhausted.
Given the wide array of obligations we involve ourselves in, creating opportunities for quality time in romantic relationships becomes paramount. Unfortunately, and often unintentionally, we deprioritize our romantic partners as life piles up.

When I was young, I couldn’t stand the idea of “date night.” The notion of having had to plan time with my partner, rather than have everything happen spontaneously was a real bummer. Wow…I was ignorant. As time has gone on, and responsibilities have amassed, finding and creating opportunities for quality time helps keep intimate relationships at the forefront of life (and gives you something to look forward to with your partner on a regular basis).Date Night

With all of the couples and partnerships I see, regardless of presenting problem (whether a relationship or sexual issue), encouraging setting out time during the week to plan something to look forward to is always a high priority. Having a date night, or game night, or planning time for sex with your spouse(s) can be tremendously beneficial and creates an opportunity to reconnect, creates shared meaning, and a forum for building on the relationship. Regardless, many challenges exist. Start by finding a time to invest in the relationship intentionally.

An upcoming discussion of strategies to implement to ensure quality time to follow.

If you have found yourself struggling with an issue(s) around sexuality, or in your relationship, sex or relationship therapy can help.

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