We interrupt normal blogging topics to bring a quick, special bulletin on using personal lubricant with sex toys. It’s come to my attention that many individuals out on the sexual landscape do not understand key differences between types of personal lubricants and when each would be best employed. For the purposes of this discussion (for now), we will stick to just water and silicone-based (barring all natural lubricants…e.g., olive or coconut oil for another conversation).

Depending on personal preferences, silicone (glycerin and paraben free for vulvar health) lubricants are often the choice for many women and men due to their inherent advantages. Silicone lubricants do not fade away as quickly as water-based, and often last (during sex or sexual play) far longer than their water-based alternatives regularly available for purchase at local drug stores.personal lubricant

Regardless, if you enjoy the usage of silicone constructed sex toys for masturbation or play with a partner(s), ensure you use only water-based or organic options. If using silicone-based lubricant with (silicone) constructed toys, the silicone itself from each will inevitably fuse and ruin the material of your (often expensive) vibrators, dildos, plugs…etc. Be weary, to ensure you are selecting a compatible lubricant with these types of sexual play.

Stay tuned for a soon to come (in-depth) discussion of personal lubricants and their health and play advantages and disadvantages.

If you have found yourself researching new sex toys and aids, stay tuned for an in-depth discussion of physiological health and what to use.

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