While life in Seattle is complicated enough today, adding sexual dysfunction in addition to managing your relationship can be tremendously challenging. Many clients I see have tried the kitchen sink to “fix” what’s wrong in their relationship or sex life, to no avail. Like the last post in this thread began to discuss, living an authentic life can be challenging, but always ideal.

Solving sexual problems can seem and become daunting when the solutions you’ve searched for in self-help guides or online forums don’t work. Often, clients come for sex or relationship therapy as their last resort, rather than an initial intervention, often understandably so. For instance, if you or your partner is suffering from Early Ejaculation (also known as Premature Ejaculation), you may go above and beyond to lengthen sexual experiences with one another by any means necessary in the privacy of your own home. I fully appreciate the societal stigma and shame associated with having to ask for professional help outside of the relationship in hopes of lasting longer before ejaculating (or for solving any other sexual dysfunction). No one wants to feel incompetent in their own body.dysfunction

The thought of going to therapy can seem emasculating, daunting, or plain overwhelming. Regardless, many sexual dysfunctions are commonly treatable through either psychotherapy (sex therapy) or with medical collaboration. If you’ve struggled, or your relationship has suffered at the hand or early ejaculation, performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, painful sex, or the inability to orgasm, sex therapy could be helpful.

If you have found yourself at this point in life, where you not only have relationship or sexual problems, but want to approach life as your most authentic self, couples and/or sex therapy can help!

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